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The value and condition of the company

Setting a realistic selling price improves the possibilities to sell your business. We advise to get professional help while setting the selling price for your company straight from the beginning.

Company acquisitions are often realized with the help of a loan. Not only must the buyer accept the selling price, but also the financier have to accept the loan and the terms of payment. While talking about financing a company buyout we have to remember that it differs rapidly for example with loan admitted for a house or an apartment. When it comes to buying a house, your payment plan may last for 20-30 years. A loan obtained for a company acquisition has to be paid within 3-5 years.

Your company should be in a good and ready-to-sell condition all the time, but at latest now it’s time to take control of this matter. With proper guidance and help of right experts, within 1-3 years you can make changes that will have a positive influence on the condition and selling price of your company.