Omistajavaihdospalvelu Nextia, Kokkola

Should I do it myself?

Selling or buying a company is a kind of acquisition which is hard to compare to any other kind of business. Even a highly experienced entrepreneur can be as inexperienced as a first time-buyer. Because of the complexity involved in ownership exchange process, it´s difficult for one person to be able to handle every aspect of the process, including for example taxation-, law- and accounting-related issues. We present you with the most cost effective solutions, but you, however are the one who have make the final decision.

It is very important that from the beginning of the process you are aware of the fact that the process will not happen completely free of charge. Costs are however relatively small compared to the importance of this process. By making sure that the proper and necessary preparations have been made, the possibility of achieving a good outcome of the process can be significantly improved.

Before you make your final decision of transferring the company to the next generation, selling or shutting it down, it’s always wise to talk to experts first. NEXTIAs own personnel might do the job and help you with processing your thoughts and gathering necessary information to back up your decision. Other experts may also be needed; for example knowledge of a realistic selling price for your company or possible tax ramifications can have a significant influence on the decision that you will make.