Omistajavaihdospalvelu Nextia, Kokkola


NEXTIAs main purpose is to offer information and coordination aid through the whole ownership exchange process. We are working on getting entrepreneurs who are considering selling or buying a company, to meet each other. Our aim is always set on achieving a successful acquisition, or alternatively a transfer of the company to the next generation. Sometimes a controlled shutdown of the company can also be a possible and wise alternative.

We can help the entrepreneurs to clear his thoughts and formulate a plan of action for how to transfer the company to the next generation, or how to find a suitable buyer for the company. When dealing with the possible buyer, we can point out companies that we know that are for sale. We can arrange a meeting between the two parties and invite necessary experts into the process.

We act with complete confidentiality. The services which we offer are completely dependent on your needs. We can‘t do all the work or decisions for you, but we can make sure that the nessecery information and expertise are ready and available when you need them. Do not seek for the information so many have seeked before you. Contact us and let us help you!

Nextia offers its services (own staff) to entrepreneurs free of charge. The services provided by our partners within the expert network are not free of charge.