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Do you own a well handled, viable company and are you thinking of retiring within the next few years? Perhaps you are planning a change of branch? We will help you to find a successor for the work that you started and your enterprise may get a new lifespan.

Executing ownership exchange in a company is not always easy, but with the help of good planning, and the right experts, the chance of success will increase. You should not hesitate to ask for help! You are not alone!

Underneath you can see a directional example of ownership exchange process. Familiarize yourself with the process, so that you know what you are getting yourself into. You can also see main things and matters that need to be considered during the process.

Regardless of how far into the process you are at the moment, contact us, and let us help you.

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  • 1. Awareness

  • 2. Decision

  • 3. Preparation

  • 4. Execution

  • 5. Follow-up
1. Awareness
The retirement is approaching, or perhaps you would like to change branches? The sooner you become aware of this situation, the better. Estimated time of arrival for this state: 3-5 years from now.
2. Decision
Make your decision when you know what you want and what you´re getting yourself into. Collect information and consider your choices. Backup your decision with help of experts for example while setting a realistic sales price for your company or when investigating any possible taxation. Make sure you have the support of your family.
3. Preparation
Set up your goals and make proper plans and preparations in order to achieve them. Take into the consideration also the time after selling your business; retirement, setting up a new company, a new job or something else? At this stage you may have found a new owner for your company. It would be advisable that the new owner would start making parallel plans at this stage. Your successor’s plan of action will become the plan of action of the company immediately after the ownership exchange will be completed.
4. Execution
Ownership exchange or alternatively a shutdown of operations. Providing that the previous stages have been properly planned and executed, there should not appear any bigger problems. New owner takes over the running of the company, while the former owner continues toward new goals.
5. Follow-up
Make sure that the ownership exchange has been successfully completed trough all the organization and that the new owner feels comfortable in his new role as the manager of the company. Depending on what kind of further plans both the former and the new owner of the company have made, KOSEK, FIRMAXI or NEXTIA will continue to support them when needed.
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