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Do you own or work in a company that can offer its services to an entrepreneur considering selling or buying a company? Does your company offer consultation regarding taxation, legal issues or other topic related issues. Join our network of experts so we can recommend services that your company is providing to entrepreneurs in need.

You can do as follows:

1. Join NEXTIA network of experts by filling out the attached form. Give us your contact information and tell us what kind of services you can offer regarding ownership exchange cases. We will contact you when needed. By being part of our expert network you will be able to exchange information with other experts or involved parties and gain new customer relationships.

2. Direct your client to us, in order to help him. Do you have a client who is considering buying or selling a company but has not really made his mind what to do? If you want to concentrate on exercising the core competence of your own company, you can redirect your client to us. We will help him collect his ideas and thoughts. We will send him back to you when your field of expertise will be needed again.

Fill out the attached form and supply us with your contact information.
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