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To buy an already existing company is always a good alternative compared to the founding of a completely new company. The business idea has been already tested, there is already an existing clientele, and the necessary equipment is already installed and available. You don’t need to start building a business idea from scratch, which means that you will be able to concentrate in further developing of your business quite fast.

At the beginning you don’t have to possess all the knowledge in all the different areas of your entrepreneurship. FIRMAXI, KOSEK and NEXTIA will help you and make sure that the network of experts is at your disposal and you have access to necessary information you need in order to make solid decisions.

We can help you with screening and introduce to you companies that are up for sale. The startup center FIRMAXI can help you make accurate calculations, which will give you a good general overview of your acquisition-object possibilities and financial state.

When you´re thinking about buying an already existing company, it´s always good to take the following things into consideration in advance:

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  • 1. Your line of business

  • 2. Schedule

  • 3. Resources

  • 4. The geographical location
1. Your line of business
What kind of education or know-how do you have, what are you interested in? Are you to become an entrepreneur in an already existing company?
2. Schedule
Do you want to start your business straight away, or perhaps you have the possibility to observe the market for a while and strike a deal when an interesting company becomes available. A suitable company can actually already be up for sale, or can be found sooner or later.
3. Resources
What is your realistic budget? How much money are you willing to invest in order to be able to buy a company?
4. The geographical location
How important is the geographical location of the company for you? In which region should the company be situated?
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